Relating to CNN, the Indonesian government has ordered

Relating to CNN, the Indonesian government has ordered all International NGO offices to shut businesses and leave West Papua by the end of 2015. That they apparently received these instructions from the state before this month. This is a familiar story in West Papua as much NGOs have already been made to leave, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 2009, the Catholic Company for Relief and Creation Aid (CORDAID) in 2010, and Peace Brigades Cosmopolitan (PBI) in 2011. This appears that now the Indonesian government is pushing all remaining International NGOs, including Oxfam to leave. A crackdown on NGOs in West Papua provides part of the regular blackout inside the country. Last month, Human Protection under the law Watch published a thorough 73 Page report banging the Indonesian government for the continuing lack of media access for overseas journalists in West Papua, despite promises by Indonesian president Joko Widodo. Replying to information that all International NGO's in Western Papua are being compelled to leave, West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda said "What is Philippines hiding in occupied Western Papua? I say that the Indonesian government only allows foreign media and NGOs into West Papua on paper but the reality on the surface is that this is in not a way true. Today there is mounting facts that the Indonesian authorities is doing all they can do stop the earth from finding away about the key genocide and illegitimate occupation they are committing against my people in West Papua. inches If all International NGO offices really have recently been ordered to leave Western world Papua then this should be fully condemned. Obviously the Indonesian government is trying to hide real truth what is very going on in West Papua and this latest move is anther sort of the extreme measures being done to avoid the International Community from finding out the truth and helping the people of West Papua. Perhaps the Indonesian govt is very worried about the Human Rights Fact Getting Mission to West Papua being organised by the Pacific Islands Forum will uncover more of the human rights atrocities still being committed. If as Indonesian President Joko Widodo claims, "there is little or nothing to hide" in Western world Papua, what makes foreign press, human rights monitors and NGOs being kicked away and barred from heading there?

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